Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Trail of Hope

Lyons Community Center
9 Manhattan Street
Lyons, N.Y.  14489
This photo was taken on the 22nd anniversary of the
Americans with Disabilities Act
“It’s more than a garden it’s a healing experience

John Kucko Digital Trail of Hope

The Native Way
The Trail of Hope is truly a trail of inspiration for everyone with flower and vegetable gardens everywhere.  With over 15,000 flowers blooming in the peak of summer it is a haven for butterflies, bees, and birds.  The Trail of Hope is totally an accessible trail and part of the Wegmans passport program.  The Trail of Hope is dedicated to Jim Tuscher, Lyons Class of 1957 who had spent his life as an advocate for people with disabilities and to Leigh Ann Henry, Lyons Class of 2006 who, due to an injury sustained in an auto accident and now uses a wheelchair. The Trail of Hope would like to thank the generous support of Lyons and the surrounding communities with their donations of materials and labor. The Trail of Hope is totally run by volunteers and donations that it receives. If you are interested in making a donation, please make your checks out to Trailworks, Inc.  C/O of the Trail of Hope.

The Trail of Hope is grateful for the support from the Week of Hope during the early summer each year.  Their contributions can be found throughout the trail. 

Features at the Trail of Hope.

The Yellow Brick Road

  Hope Garden

Ribbon of Hope

The Butterfly Garden

Accessibility Deck/Bird Blind


Trail Works, Inc. in conjunction with Forever Wild for Everyone believes that all people, regardless of their ability or age, have the right to enjoy nature and its many benefits. Our role as stewards of the Forever Wild for Everyone program in Wayne County is to develop and/or designate nature trails without barriers that everyone can enjoy.

Who benefits from the garden

Nursing Homes, Adaptive living facilities, Hospitals, Veterans, Local ARC, Group homes, Schools, Day Care Facilities, Sr. Citizen Homes, Pre-schools,  After School Program, Lyons Community Center, Rehabilitation Centers, Brain Injury Centers Young Families with Baby Strollers, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

For information of the Trail of Hope E-mail
Cell 315-573-8170



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