Trail of Hope donations

Web page under Construction

Larry Graf /Bulldozer
SantoMontemorando /River Rocks
Phelps Cement/ Pavers, drainage, landscape cloth

Dave Burnham- Tractor, transporting mulch, roller
Millpond Evergreen Nursery
Butch's Hannyman Service/Bobcat

Landscape Design
Pine Creek-Bobcat
Aman's Nursery/Trees
Windy Hill Flower Farm
Gansz Farms/Bob Cat
Sean Dobbins /Donation
Eric Westfall/Bobcat

Empire Tree Service- Willow Trees, removal of brush
Walmart-Signage and Flowers
Outdoor Unlimited

Week of Hope
Wayne County Highway Department- Mulch
Loews-Materials for Deck by Black Brook
Lyons Presbyterian Church
Good Earth Garden/Plants
Secore Lumber-Bobcat
Rich Henry/Plants
Robert Stopper/Plants
Jane DeCracker/Plants
Sandi Bastedo/Plants
Peppermint Cottage B&B/Plants
Roger VanNostrand/Plants
Paul Stoep/Gravel
Carol May/Plants
Patty and Dave Alena/Trees
Wayne ARC/ Plants
CREW/Trail Buidling
Kim Gardner/Plants
Sue Cupriks/Plants
Seneca Meadows

Lyons Heritage Society- Shrubs for dedication
Santelli's Lumber- 
Adam Chapin
Carol Kildoyle


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