The Daily Garden Report

What you might see along the Trail of Hope

You won't just see flowers, trees and shrubs at the gardens, you will see a variety of wildlife attracted by the many things that were planted especially for them. The hummingbirds appear to be following visitors as they walk down the trail, but find many times that they are on their way to Petey's tree where a feeder is awaiting them. They are so tiny, and move so quickly, that a person should sit on one of the many benches to quietly relax, and watch their antics as they fly from flower to flower. There are many flowers throughout the gardens for the butterflies, but they especially congregate in the butterfly garden. They seem to be oblivious at times to all that is going on around them. This gives visitors a chance to observe them up close, and take pictures of them. The yellow finches are especially fun to watch as they flit from sunflower to sunflower with their characteristic dip in flight, and chirp chirp, as they hang on the many sunflowers to get a sunflower seed. Bluebirds were even spotted and a bluebird house awaits them when they are ready to nest. There are many birdhouses throughout the gardens to raise new families of birds. The brook in the woods in the Native Way is home to turtles and frogs. There is one special very large frog named George. Some children found him in another town by the road, and felt that this would be a safe and happy place for him. Depending on the time of year, there are many surprises to await visitors from the wildlife that have graced the gardens with their presence, and makes the gardens an even more special place to visit. 


Just got home a little while ago--was down there for 3 hours and feel good that I got a lot of weeding done. I worked around the waterfalls area. I started to weed that ( you talked about someone coming to look at it so wanted to make it look better) and found it will be time consuming with all the little weeds that are in between the plants so decided to come back to it tomorrow and then pulled all the weeds out along that side to where you go around the corner to the back. It looks so much better. I threw the weeds over to the other side. There was so many that I thought I would do it that way and pick them up tomorrow. I just wanted to pull weeds and keep on going.

Carol Kildoyle


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